For a long time “Koo” couldn’t say “French Island”, so she dropped the “Fren” and created this delightful word to use instead.

I asked my “Saffy” to actually draw Saffy’s map for me, which was a GREAT idea because she did a much better job than I was going to do!!! Although she’s now 6, I asked her if she could draw the way she did when she was 4, and she reverted to a younger version of her own style marvellously.

My little “Koo” (who IS now 4) wanted to show you that she can draw on the computer too, so I hereby present “Girl” for your enjoyment 😉


↓ Transcript
Saffy: Mummy! I drew a map for you.
Map: chylnd
Cyn: Oh Saffy, it's the best map ever!
Cyn: I really like the idea of "Chai-land!"
Joe: I'll drink to that!