That’s no moon!

For my American readers – we pronounce buoy ‘boy’, not ‘boo-ee’ (which is how Americans in movies say it). I’ve always wanted to know how Americans pronounce ‘buoyancy’ – do you say ‘boo-ee-ancy?’.

↓ Transcript
[On the ferry]
Saffy: How loooong?
Joe: Almost there. Let's play a game. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with ... B.
Flat-bear: Bear? Boat?
Saffy: Baby Koo? Ballet skirt? Oh, that's a tutu...
Cyn: Buoy?
Saffy: Where is the boy?
Dad: That's a buoy, on the water.
Saffy: Daaaad! It's pink! That's not a boy, it's a girl!