Awww, our first real ‘koala hug’! Even if it is an A-frame hug, ya gotta start somewhere :-p

It’s always nice to hit a round number, isn’t it? Yay for comic number 30 😉 I think once I get to 100 I might have to have an actual IRL party!

Here’s Cyn and I on the way up the the Pinnacle, French Island. Check out “We are comics” – a lot of cute photos and stories in a good cause.

I am comics!

↓ Transcript
Flat-bear: Don't you get lonely?
Kindra: I do not. Koalas meet only when they need to.
Flat-bear: Will I see you again, later?
Kindra: Indeed, small flat one.
Flat-bear: See ya, Kindra! [Hug!] Coming, Mum!
Kindra: Goodbye, little ... bear.