Yes, this really happened, and yes, when we run the genny these days, we put her BEHIND the shed.

Please welcome the new and improved Cyn, Koo and Joe. Spot the difference! Oh OK, their basic design hasn’t changed much but the line-work is thinner and the shading is a bit more interesting. I’m much happier with Koo’s little face and hair. Tell me what you think!

It takes WAY longer to do my pages this way (duh) but, sigh, I really think it’s time. I’m doing this for YOU you know! Oh, OK, for me too :-p

Gen 11 is an homage to one of our favourite books at the moment (also a famous movie). Ten points if you know what it is! (Yes, in this context it IS short for ‘Generator 11′ but that’s not a book is it? And no, it’s not the bible. And Googling is cheating!)

↓ Transcript
Cyn: Hey look! The generator's been dropped off!
Joe: Let's start her up, eh?
BUDABUDABUDABUDA [very loud noise]
Joe: [shakily] I think, maybe, we should set her up outside the shed...