Attempting another first. If you’ve been following along with the comic as I’ve been creating it, you may well say “Chapter three??? What happened to chapters one and two??” Well, they exist, I just didn’t name them or do covers for them yet. I definitely will… eventually.*

So, what do you think? No I’m not going to shade the comic like this (um, probably) – just the chapter pages.

Do you like the new logo? Typography’s another thing on my “must play with” wish list. This is basically my handwriting, cleaned up and vectorised and then played with some more. I’ll probably just use it on the chapter pages.

*Update: Done! You can go back and see them if you missed them: Chapter 1 and chapter 2.

Just in case you’ve read down this far… here’s my latest piece of non-Koala-Hugs art:

Witch, please!