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I, me, myself

Amanda’s Castle
Please don’t leave without checking out my home on the web.

French Island

French Island Community Association
Information for the residents and landowners of French Island in Victoria, Australia.

French Island Tours
Lois and Keith Airs have been conducting tours of French Island since 1980.

Online comics I can’t live without

Had to list them alphabetically… I love them all!

Cucumber Quest
The colours, the COLOURS!

My number one go-to source for email signature quotes. Florence rocks!!!

Girl Genius
OK, OK, so you’ve already been reading GG for years. Who hasn’t?

Girls With Slingshots
Love, love, love these girls.

Adorable and sweet, just the way I like it. Katie even let me do a guest strip, squee!

Stuck Up Revolution
Koala Hugs’ comic twin (‘born’ almost the same time). Bright and hilarious.

The Last Orc
A tale of savagery… and office politics 😉

Favourite blogs

Spoonfuls of Wanderlust
Melbourne food reviews and delectable food photography.

Comic resources

The Australian Comics Wiki
Creators and fans contributing to tell you all about Australian comics!

Chicks in Aus comics
A celebration of Australian women making comics.